Bricks, Blocks and Lintels in Trowbridge

bricks and blocks

Bricks, Blocks & Concrete Lintels

Trowbridge Building Supplies Ltd can offer you a range of Bricks, Blocks and Lintels from our stock which is tailored to meet the needs of the local building trade. All products are supplied by the leading manufacturers.

Brick Products stocked include:

Block Paving in various colours

Clay Engineering Bricks - Red & Staffordshire Blue

Clay House BricksConcrete Common Bricks

Reconstituted Stone Bricks

Concrete & Aerated Block Products stocked include:

Solid Concrete Blocks, 7newton, 100mm & 140mm

Standard & GTi Insulation Blocks 100mm

Concrete Prestressed Lintels

Various sizes and lengths in stock

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